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Generating Effective Graphic design - Fourthlink.com
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Generating Effective Graphic design - Fourthlink.com

Posted by | September 12, 2013 | Design, Digital Culture, Food for thought | One Comment

Let’s face it; words have become more obsolete in today’s brand message, making effective graphic design more important than ever.

In a world of immense information and numerous communication channels, your audience seeks to make quick judgments about your brand through clean, clear-cut stories. These stories captivate your audience with a sense of familiarity and liking to your company, and effective graphic design is the component that delivers your brand’s story with style.

Graphic design provides your target audience a taste of how your organization operates and what it is you want them to know about who you are. Marketing is for altering your customer’s perception of your brand, and graphic design stimulates perceptions of success, credibility, competency, and merit. These visual expressions are portrayed through the company’s logo, website, marketing collateral, and social presence. <strong>Here are some things to consider about how successful brands use graphic design:


1. Great brands lay claim to a specific color or color scheme.

When I say red. What might you think of? Coca Cola, Target, ESPN, CNN, Old Spice…?
When I say blue. You might think of Facebook, LinkedIn, Ford, HP, Chase, etc.

This signifies the overall mood of your brand and how your customer will feel towards the company. These affiliations will impact your target audience with strong emotions that connect them to your brand.

2. Great brands have certain shapes affiliated with them.

Think about Coca Cola… The smooth and wavy letters within the logo are consistently expressed in the shape of the Coca Cola bottle. Right?

Or how the word Google renders multiple o’s for the multiple pages they have in their search engine. Is it coincidental that the Google Chrome icon at the bottom of your screen is a circle like the letter “o”?

 3. Successful brands use strategic photography to directly relate the company to the customer.

Photography is a strong indicator to how your customers perceive your brand. These images have particular lighting, characters, dress, locations, etc. These help your customer understand and relate to your organization on a deep personal level.

Take all these together and you will see that great brands have a visual language attached to them. This doesn’t just stop at the company’s logo, but is intentionally integrated throughout the entire brand experience.

As a small business owner, you’re often very logical in your approach, and that’s what makes you good at what you do. However, it is very important that you incorporate great design with your brand for the overall customer experience. Think about your power point presentations, your company documentation, and your online presence. The aesthetics that graphic design provides will separate you from your competitors and will leave lasting impressions in the minds of your consumers.

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